Who we are -

We are Bonbon x Toys,

A young, dynamic and well rounded team of Creators, Art Designers, Entrepreneurs & Representatives whom all work along one an another to create, market and distribute the pleasurable adult toy collections they design.

J. Halle, our Head Art Director for our first collection "The Glass Collection" has spent hours perfecting forms and angles for your heavenly "Bonbon x Perience". Each piece in our glass collection is uniquely hand-blown solely using heavy tempered & non-recycled glass, allowing each and all of our product to be 100% hypoallergenic, dishwasher safe and nonporous.

We are happy to announce that our Bonbon's are proven to help reduce the chances of spreading sexually transmitted diseases.

What we believe in -

"..We do not believe we need to use sexual seduction when trying to attract our customers but a simple, modern & pleasurable approach at marketing our wonderful collections.." Andrew G. - Director

We believe that by deciding to market our collections with low amounts of sexual appeal, actually benefits us as it attracts a large non-targeted demography whom are intrigued and curious when they figure out that the objects are used to reach ultimate states of orgasms.

".. These natural forms and colors have allowed us to create beautiful yet pleasurable art. It is only just the beginning.." Jeff H. - Head Art Director

A Future for "Them" -

Within our first full year of operations, we wish to have successfully donated (1 full stocked 20' Shipping Container) 1150848 pieces of individually wrapped condoms to an unselected area of the sub-Saharan, Africa.

Check out our "Help Us Help" page for updates on where we are with our goals.

We are currently in search of a or multiple non-profitable organizations (aiding infants and teenagers with STD's). We are open to suggestions and would greatly appreciate any feedback. HelpUsHelp@bonbonXtoys.com

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